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Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biriyani

Hyderabad Biriyani

Hyderabad Biryani to Deccan is what pizza is to Italy. A signature dish of the city of Mughal remnants, Hyderabad Biryani is a synonym of its cherished flavors. Rich in spices, aromas, color, and taste, It comes in numerous varieties of combinations, but most famous and relished ones are mainly meat based.

Among the main tourist attractions in Hyderabad, like Golconda, Hussain Sagar, and Film city, Hyderabad Biryani is one thing no one can miss when visiting this place. It is a traditional recipe for the locals here, making it a hundred percent mandatory food item for all kinds of celebrations and gatherings.

This exquisitely tasty and uniquely flavored dish is thought to be originated from the kitchen of Nizam, though it is not confirmed. Irrespective of its historical origin, the dish has ruled the food market of mughal tradition without a competition. It is relished by every food lover with finesse for a blend of spices. The ideal place to try out this dish is of course Hyderabad itself, though many cities across India do serve Hyderabad Biryani to the best of their skills.

The main ingredients of a classic Hyderabad Biryani are rice, which is a staple food of South India, meat of goat, lamb or chicken, yogurt, an assortment of spices, onions, and saffron. For garnishing, coriander leaves, fried onions, and roasted dry fruits are also used. It is usually accompanied by salads and salans (vegetables in sesame and peanut gravy), and goes well with any gravy consisting curry.

Hyderabad Biryani is of two types, one the Kachchi Biryani and the other, Pakki Biryani. The Kachchi biryani is prepared with raw meat marinated overnight in spices and yogurt before cooking. The meat is placed in layers between the layers of fragrant rice and cooked with sealed rims of vessel with dough. It is cooked on low heat and requires a lot of skill to bring out a perfectly cooked Hyderabad Biryani. Pakki biryani is prepared by a shorter preparation time of marinating and getting the meat cooked before being placed in the layers of rice. The ingredients in this style are cooked before baking, but nonetheless is a more popular version of Hyderabad Biryani in hotel industry.

For the vegetarians, there is one equivalent version available, called Tehri in Kashmir, a popular street food, in which vegetables such as carrots, peas, cauliflower, potato and a number of dry fruits like cashews, raisins, and pistachio make a substitute for meat and the end product is equally magnificent as a typical Hyderabad Biryani.

Very much fulfilling and appeasing, Hyderabad Biryani is a preferred meal for busy people who cannot otherwise opt for an elaborate meal of traditional curries and dals as it is sufficient in itself with just one salad. Hyderabad Biryani is rich in its nutritional value with proteins derived from the meat part and lots of purified butter and oils; of course, not very enticing for calorie watchers.

With more and more people opting to eating out during weekends and other occasions of celebration, restaurants and hotels have come up with fancy variations of Hyderabad Biryani and the business has been booming with a constant demand for this particular food item.